Posted on: February 12, 2011 10:58 pm

Tournament Worthy Big 12 Teams

Men's Basketball in the Big 12 is pretty competitive. I think we can safely say that Kansas and Texas are two teams that will make the annual Tourney, and will seed pretty high as well. Following them you would see Texas A&M, Baylor, and Missouri as long as the last two mentioned keep up solid play. Now it gets interesting. You have four possible teams: Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Colorado, and Nebraska. It is likely that only one of these four will make it through to play in the tournament. But which one? Oklahoma State has snagged a couple of good wins this year, including a 76-70 win over Missouri, however their non-conference schedule was weak. Additionally, their upcoming schedule is downright tough, facing a trip to play Texas, then a home game agaisnt Texas A&M, and back on the road to play Kansas. If they can win two of those three, and they close out the season well, they get my vote. If not, I'd say they're pretty well sunk. Kansas State has surprisingly underwhelmed this year, likely due to many off-court issues and a lack of chemistry between teamates. They did have a strong non-conference schedule, which may pay off in the long run. But placed with the other three possible teams, they've lost to Oklahoma State and the first out of two games against Colorado (the other one is currently going on now and it is PAINFUL to watch) but got the win against Nebraska. They have challenging upcoming games against Kansas, Missouri, and at Texas. If they can win at least one of these three, and beat Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Iowa State, I think they'd be a safer bet over Oklahoma State. Colorado is sort of the wild card of the bunch. They've won as many as 7 in row and have lost as many as four in a row. They pulled off impressive wins against Missouri, Kansas State, and Oklahoma State all on that 7 game win streak. If they beat Kansas State tonight, and beat every other team remaining on their schedule besides Kansas and Texas, they have a pretty good shot. Nebraska is probably the long shot of the group, but they have a chance. They'll have key games upcoming against Kansas State, Texas, and Missouri, all at home. These games will make or break their chances. Overall, Kansas and Texas are locks, and Texas A&M, Baylor, and Missouri are almost for sures for the NCAA Tournament. Most likely, Oklahoma State, Kansas State, Colorado, or Nebraska will make it too, but only one of those four. Right now, it appears Kansas State is the front runner, and if they beat Colorado tonight, they're almost a lock. Oklahoma State has almost too tough of a schedule to make it. Nebraska may sneak up on some people, but I don't think they're as qualified as Kansas State. Whatever the turn out may be, the battle for this last spot is bound to be exciting.
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